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An instinctive Eye

Full title
An instinctive Eye
Date of publication

Elton John, Victor Pinchuk, Jane Jackson and Peter Doroshenko

Pinchuk Art Centre
Number of pages

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Isala collection

Published in 2018
59 pages
( RvE is on page 33 )
Collection book
Published by Kunstcommissie van Isala
Text by

Sophie van Steenderen & Carolien Wendte

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Published in 2022
272 pages
( RvE is on page 193 )
History of floral photography
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William A. Ewing Danaé Panchaud

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Every Picture Tells a Story

Published in 2022
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( RvE is on page 48-49 )
Fotoschatten tot eigen collectie
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Die Fotografie im Zeitalter der Digitalisierung

Published in 2022
295 pages
( RvE is on page 288 and 324 to 326 )
History of photography
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Stephan Spohr

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Published in 2023
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Artist Book
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La Deseada

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Published in 2021
255 pages
( RvE is on page the Cover )
The Profound Wisdom of Black Life and Literature
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Farah Jasmine Griffin

ISBN/EAN 9780393651904


Published in 2009
( RvE is on page 206-213 )
Published by Novaera publications
Text by

Natasha Christia

ISBN/EAN 9-788461-30436-3

Modern Art for sale

Published in 2010
( RvE is on page 162-163 )
Art history
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The Rijksmuseum Bulletin

Published in 2022
96 pages
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