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01.10 -
3rd Annual Fotoistanbul
SOLO EXHIBITION at the photo festival, curator Hüseyin Yılmaz
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Ruud van Empel uses the medium of photography as an independent form of imagination. Every image consists of photo’s, taken by himself, that are digitally assembled on the computer. He works conceptual and has created a new genre within photography. In his series Untitled (2004) he explores the theme of innocence, the sequel series World (2005) he uses a black child for the first time as a symbol of innocence. These works were inspired by photos taken during his own childhood by his father.A typical feature of the work of Ruud van Empel is the composition of a perfected and idealized representation right down to the finest details. But this always has a darker side, albeit not always evident.

Fotoistanbul Istanbul International Photography Festival is the largest photography festival in Turkey that aims to create a special platform to join East and West, classic and modern, master and student; with the goal of making Istanbul-one of the oldest cities of the history-a regional hub of the international photography scene for years to come. Although the unrelenting turmoil the region is currently experiencing, photography’s universal language is a safe zone for the community and communication; where East and West, old and new, and oppressor and the oppressed, face the sea of troubling events together, find common goals, and make connections. Istanbul is a distinct city that naturally forges an encounter between Europe and Asia, comers and goers; making it the perfect venue with its streets and public places to create this spirit of collective consciousness.

Fotoistanbul aspires to offer an exceptional experience of art by creating a distinct interaction among the audience, the artwork, and the venue; by hosting exhibitions scattered in various locations of historic, cosmopolitan Istanbul, where the audience can experience and relate to the artwork in the context of the venue. Some of such locations are a century-old abandoned orphanage, and a ship container at Besiktas Square, which is visited by over two million people everyday.

Every year, Fotoistanbul is hosting over 50 exhibitions, 10 workshops, 80 slideshows, 200 artist lectures, roundtable discussions, designers, editors and free portfolio reviews, making the festival the most impressive art event that Turkey and the region, have ever witnessed. Last two years, we had the honor of hosting the artists such as William Klein, Robert Frank, Ara Güler, Josef Koudelka, Seiji Kurota, Ken Schilles, Stanley Greene, Ursula Schultz, Bertin Van Mannen, Anders Petersen, Atta Kim, Thomas Roma…For detailed information, please see website.

“3rd Annual Fotoistanbul Istanbul International Photography Festival”, the largest photography event that has ever been accomplished in Istanbul, the city of dreams, through the ages, for civilizations, ancient culture and arts.