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15.10 -
International Photography Festival of Belo Horizonte
Belo Horizonte
GROUP EXHIBITION at the photo festival, TRANSVERSAL, curator Guilherme Cunha

TRANSVERSAL – Public Space Images Circuit

The project “TRANSVERSAL – Public Space Images Circuit “ is an open air exhibition aiming to insert poetic interferences in the visual field of the city, destined to the general population. It’s conceptual framework is based on the mathematical ideia of transversality which states that a line intersecting any system of other lines across the space creates a infinity possibilities of angles and connections between the involved entities.

The exhibition will be composed of 42 works, printed in large formats, from international and Brazilian artists working in the intersection between photography and other media, crossed over by reflections on how images influence the construction of cultural identities, the perception of the other and our understanding of the world.

The event was held between the 15th of October and 27th of November, 2016, at the Metropolitan Park of Belo Horizonte. Located in the heart of the city the public park receives around 600.000 (six hundred thousands) visitors per month.