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24.06 -
The Art Omni International Arts center
New York
GROUP EXHIBITION "Out of context", The Fields Sculpture Park

2006 Summer Exhibition, Out of Context: Photography in the Landscape

Photo Festival in the Fields Scupture Park
Curated by Peter Franck and Kathleen Triem

Participating artists: Meredith Allen, Katharina Bosse, David Franck, Andrew Garn, Ellen Kooi, Michael Krondl, Sebastian Lemm, Valerie Merians, Portia Munson, Donna Nield, Type A, Ruud van Empel and Takashi Yasumura

Out of Context was about the ability of images to create their own context or space, both ignoring and engaging the landscape surrounding it. Thirteen international contemporary photographers each created 10′ x 16′ vinyl images which were suspended in locations throughout the park.