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03.11 -
Brown University
Rhode Island
GROUP EXHIBITION "This is not a portrait" Curator Jo Ann Conklin

KIDS: Julie Blackmon, Jill Greenberg, Ruud van Empel

Julie Blackmon, Jill Greenberg and Ruud van Empel photograph children, creating fictional images that elicit reactions ranging from amusement to astonishment to shock. While photography of children is as old as the medium itself, the works in this exhibition represent a recent approach aided by digital techniques. Each of these artists uses digital techniques to seperate photography from its associations with reality. Blackmon collages elements and Greenberg draws on the images. Van Empel uses the most elaborate techniques, building his images element by element and often compilling more than 100 individual elements in a single image. Extending the late-twentieth-century movement toward “fabricated” imagery, they shift photography further and further away from its association with reality.

Curator Jo-Ann Conklin, Location Gallery and Lobby.