Photo Phnom Penh

January 30 - February 28, 2015
Photo Phnom Penh, Cambodia
SOLO EXHIBITION, at the photofestival, curated by Christian Caujolle

Introduction by Institute Francais:

It’s a world fully created from photographs through a very long retouching process of images on a computer. As a digital painter, Ruud Van Empel invents a paradise inhabited by children, smooth characters, and “perfect” harmonic crowds. Color has become the substance of this imaginary universe, an essential reflection about the nature of what we look at and see. Whether this universe takes the form of a large leaf or an amazed face, it’s primarily a form of sensual brilliance, like after a strong tropical storm, a kind of experience that only exist through the eyes. It’s a universe without reality that is inside each one of us, or maybe a world that does not exist, but a world that is still there, terribly there and terribly beautiful. Too beautiful, maybe, because it does not exist…

Ruud van Empel has done something completely new, his work has been really innovative, that happens only once in a hundred years.


Festival Poster Photo Phnom Pehn 2015

Catalogue Photo Phnom Penh 2015 February 2015; 30 pages Text by Christian Caujolle



2015 Press Kit#1 Photo Phnom Pehn/ Cambodia

2015 Press Kit#2 Photo Phnom Pehn/ Cambodia