Shinsegae Style

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Shinsegae Style
No. 12
2008 MAR/APR
by Lee Jin sook
Art Director of Interalia
The new way of how upcoming artists interpet nature

Creating the Image of New Nature

Landscapes portraying beautiful scenery always contain the envy for the lost paradise.
Humans came out of the forest and begun living in the forms of field during sometime betweeen five hundred years to one thousand years ago from today. While the fields became the new begining of another challange for human survival, the forest became the represent the nostalgic past. The humans have often portrayed the reminisence pf the past through myths and legends about the 'lost paradise', It is the growing instincts of human to long for the uncivilized nature as we progress throught further civilization.


The issue of the gloal art world is the 'Nature'

It is only of recent that the 'nature' has made back to the art world. This shows the changes that the art world is going through wich are the overall retreat of abstraction and minimalism, and the 'return of the shapes'. The works of the notable and emerging new generation artists of the world bring back the nature in terms of 'lost paradise' by using modern techniques. Historically speaking we are living in a period distanced the most from the nature so now the nature is agressively shown in highly advanced media throught photographs, photoshop and etc.

Ruud van Empel, the Netherlands artists creates the completely original image that is absolute realism filled with the mystic feelings. This meticulous screen is not a photograph taken at the site but a collage of individualy taken photographs arranged according to the artist's fantasy. The children of the uncivilized tropical forest appear as the innocent creatures that have not yet reached for the forbidden fruit. Through the forest that is erotic and filled with the magic of birth and life, the passion for new beginning of rather then the end of civilization is portrayed much like the Henri Rousseau's late virgin forest paintings in the early 20th century.


by Ruud van Empel. All rights reserved.